Discover the hottest trends in women's sunglasses for 2023 - TOP 7 models!

Sunglasses are one of the most important pieces of clothing in the summer season, but also in other seasons. They are not only an element of protection against UV radiation, but also a fashionable accessory that can change our appearance and style. Therefore, it is worth knowing what trends will dominate in the 2023 season.

Here are the TOP 7 models of women's sunglasses that are worth keeping in mind:

Cat eye sunglasses - this is one of the classics that will always be fashionable. This stylish model is perfect for every woman who likes to add a bit of mystery to her appearance. In the 2023 season, cat sunglasses will be fashionable in various versions, including with colored lenses and decorative frames.

Round sunglasses – this is another classic that comes back again and again. In 2023, sunglasses with gently rounded edges will dominate, adding feminine charm to the face. Oversize versions and metal frames will be especially fashionable.

Aviator glasses, also known as Pilot glasses , are another classic that will always be fashionable. In the 2023 season, aviators will be fashionable in various versions, from classic to more original models, e.g. with decorative toes or combining two frames.

Glasses with thick frames - this is a trend that has already appeared in previous seasons and will also be on top in 2023. Thick frames are the perfect solution for women who want to showcase their beauty and add some style to their appearance.

Sunglasses with colored lenses - this is a trend that will be very popular in 2023. The offer includes both models with classic colors and those that will add slightly bolder shades to our look.

Glasses with geometric shapes - this is a proposition for women who are looking for new inspirations and want to stand out from the crowd. In 2023, glasses with unconventional shapes, such as squares, triangles or rhombuses, will be fashionable.

Sunglasses with decorative frames - this is a proposition for women who like unique solutions and are not afraid to experiment with their appearance. In the 2023 season, sunglasses with decorative frames such as crystals, pearls or plant motifs will be fashionable.

In addition to their appearance, it is also important that sunglasses are functional and protect our eyes from harmful UV radiation. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the technical parameters of the glasses, such as the protection category, the degree of light transmission or the polarizing filter.

All the trends mentioned in the article can be found in our sunglasses store, where you will find the best models of the highest quality. Our glasses have high-quality UV filters and polarization, which ensure maximum protection for your eyes. Regardless of whether you choose classic cat-eye glasses or bold glasses with unusual shapes and decorative frames, you will always be sure that you are choosing the best sunglasses for yourself.