I. General provisions

§ 1
In these SHOGLA.COM gift card regulations, the following terms should be understood:
• Regulations - a document specifying the conditions and rules for purchasing Gift Cards in the online store and the rules for their implementation
• Publisher - SHOGLA.COM online store ul. Kościuszki 66A, 32-650 Kęty
• SHOGLA.COM Gift Card - an electronic goods voucher, issued to the bearer, authorizing one or more purchases in the Shogla.com online store within the amount limit set on the Gift Card.
• Customer/Buyer – a person who purchases a Gift Card in exchange for transferring funds to the Issuer in an amount equal to the value of the Gift Card. It is purchased for personal use or for transfer to another User.
• User – each holder of a Gift Card who presents it for redemption in the Shogla.com store
• Store – online store located on the Shogla.com website
• Basket - a place in the online store where goods selected by the Customer from the available range are collected
• Goods – all items offered for sale in the noskinoski.pl store

§ 2
1. The Regulations specify the conditions for issuing and using the Gift Card
2. The regulations are available on the website of the Shogla.com store

II. Issuance of a SHOGLA Gift Card
§ 3

1. The Gift Card can be purchased via the Shogla.com online store
2. The condition for issuing a Gift Card to the Customer is adding a Card with the selected price variant to the cart.
3. The Gift Card is activated upon completion and payment of the order placed by the Customer in the Store, containing the Gift Card in the basket.
4. Activation takes place when the Buyer's Gift Card is sent to the e-mail address provided when placing the order.
5. The Publisher undertakes to provide the Buyer with a Gift Card by e-mail and then redeem it in the Shogla.com store
6. It is possible to purchase any number of Gift Cards, in accordance with the Customer's order.
7. At the Buyer's request, the Issuer issues a non-fiscal document confirming the fact of purchase and the nominal value of the purchased Gift Card.

§ 4

1. The Gift Card is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.
2. The value of the Gift Card is expressed in PLN.
3. The Issuer may carry out and cancel promotional campaigns, in particular involving the issuance of Gift Cards with an expiry date other than that specified in section 1 of this paragraph. This does not affect the validity period of previously issued Gift Cards.
4. The purchase of a Gift Card by the Buyer means the conclusion of an agreement on the use of the gift card between the Issuer and the Buyer.

III. Rules for using the SHOGLA Gift Card
§ 5

1. The Gift Card entitles its User to pay for goods offered only in the Shogla.com online store, excluding the stationary store.
2. The Gift Card covers the purchase of the goods selected and collected in the Basket, as well as the cost of shipping the goods charged when selecting the available options in the Store.
3. The User redeems the Gift Card by entering the Gift Card number in the appropriate field at the transaction summary stage when shopping.
4. The User may use the Gift Card multiple times until the funds accumulated on it, resulting from the value of the purchased Card, are exhausted or until its validity expires.
4. Payment with a Gift Card is possible only up to the value of the Card.
5. If the value of the purchased goods exceeds the current value of the Gift Card, the User is obliged to pay the difference between the price and the value of the Gift Card using other payment methods available in the Store.
6. If the price of goods purchased using the Gift Card is lower than the value of funds remaining on the Gift Card, the User is not entitled to receive the rest in cash. The remaining funds remain on the Gift Card and can be used to make further purchases provided the card is active.
7. Purchases made using the Gift Card are combined with the Store's discounts currently available.

§ 6
1. The Issuer will refuse to redeem the SHOGLA Gift Card in the event of:
a. lack of funds on the Gift Card
b. insufficient funds on the Gift Card to purchase the goods selected by the User
c. in a situation where the User refuses to pay extra or is not currently able to pay the missing part of the price in the manner described in §5 point 4
d. expiry of the Gift Card
e. lack of technical possibility to redeem the Gift Card, in particular: inability to connect to the Issuer's IT system.
2. The Issuer is not responsible for the consequences of the inability to redeem the Gift Card specified in § 6 section 1

§ 7

1. The funds collected on the Gift Card are not subject to interest and are not refundable to the Customer or User, in particular the Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash, in whole or in part, and cannot be returned to the Issuer or exchanged for other cards. or vouchers issued by the Publisher.
2. The User can check the current value of the Gift Card only using our hotline: +48 791 423 333 or by e-mail at: hello@shogla.com, as well as via the contact form available on our website Shogla.com
3. The Gift Card cannot be topped up. You can buy another one of any value available on our website.

IV. Return of goods
§ 8

1. Goods purchased in the SHOGLA Store using a Gift Card are subject to return on the general principles provided for in the legal provisions contained in our store regulations.
2. If the User returns goods purchased using a Gift Card, the refund will be made to a new Gift Card with a value equal to the value of the returned goods.
V. Liability and complaints regarding the Gift Card
§ 9
1. Complaints regarding the issuance, top-up and use of the Gift Card may be submitted using the contact form available on our website or by phone +48 791 423 333 , during hotline opening hours.
2. The complaint must include the contact details of the complainant, enabling a response, and a description of the event giving rise to the complaint.
3. The Publisher will respond to the complaint within 14 days from the date of its receipt.

VI. Final Provisions
§ 10

1. By paying cash to the Issuer and collecting the Gift Card by e-mail, the User declares that he or she has read these Regulations, understands their content, does not raise any objections to them and undertakes to comply with them.
2. Issuing a Gift Card to the User does not constitute a sale subject to value added tax within the meaning of the relevant tax regulations. The User, upon request submitted to the Publisher, at the latest when issuing the Gift Card, has the right - as proof of payment to the Issuer - to receive from the Publisher only a written receipt which does not constitute a fiscal receipt or a VAT invoice.
3. The Organizer reserves the right to change the Regulations, however, each Buyer/User will be informed about the change by publishing a message on the store's website about the change containing the changed content of the Regulations, and we will individually inform registered users about any changes.

§ 11

1. The administrator of the personal data of Buyers and Users processed in connection with the implementation of the Gift Card contract is the Publisher.
2. The Publisher has taken the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure that the processing of personal data of Buyers and Users takes place in accordance with the relevant legal regulations regarding the processing and protection of personal data.
3. Personal data is processed in order to enable the exercise of the rights specified in these Regulations. Providing personal data is voluntary, but necessary to use the above-mentioned. permissions.