Over 75 Years of Innovation for Perfect Vision

Polaroid is a brand that has been at the forefront of vision care innovation for years, designing and producing sunglasses with polarized lenses. These glasses not only offer the highest level of protection available against harmful UV rays, but also provide unrivaled optical quality. Polaroid's goal is to enable as many people as possible to enjoy life more fully through the exceptional comfort that polarized lenses offer.

The founding of Polaroid has its roots in the courageous decision of Edwin Land, who left Harvard in the 1920s to follow his dreams. With the determination of a young innovator, Land went to New York, without financial resources but with a head full of ideas. He pursued his passion for science by using the Columbia University laboratory, where, unofficially, he conducted experiments on the university's equipment. It was there that he made a breakthrough discovery - he developed an inexpensive method of producing polarizing foil, which became a milestone in his career even before he returned to Harvard.

His invention, cheap polarizing filters, was patented in 1929 and was used not only in sunglasses, but also in car headlights and photography. Edwin Land, relentless in his pursuit of innovation, founded Polaroid Corporation in 1937. The company gained global recognition thanks to another revolutionary invention - the instant camera, which revolutionized the way the world viewed photography.

Edwin Land's legacy and ongoing passion for innovation continue to be the foundation on which today's polarized lens technologies are based. Polaroid remains synonymous with quality, comfort and style, continuing its mission to enable people to see more and experience more in life through advanced optical solutions.