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Discover Your Perfect Polaroid Sunglasses at Shogla

At Shogla we specialize in Polaroid sunglasses, combining style with unrivaled protection. As Polaroid experts, we guarantee that you will find the perfect glasses that will emphasize your individual character and ensure visual comfort. Discover the world of unique sunglasses with us and feel the difference with professional advice at every step.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer a unique selection of Polaroid sunglasses that combine the latest eye protection technologies with a unique design. We strive to ensure that everyone can find glasses that not only protect against harmful UV radiation, but also reflect their personal style and character. At Shogla, we believe that everyone deserves excellent quality and wearing comfort, which is why we passionately select our products to provide not only glasses, but also a unique shopping experience. Your satisfaction and eye protection are our priority.

How does polarization work in Polaroid sunglasses?

When light reflects off shiny surfaces (e.g. water, sand, snow or asphalt), it causes glare. Polarized lenses have a special optical filter that reduces blinding reflections.


Hello! The sunglasses I bought are perfect. The store and sellers are very nice and polite. Immediate delivery. I highly recommend shopping in this store, I will definitely use it again because I really liked the professional and professional service.

Agnieszka, Kraków


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