Jak dbać o okulary polaryzacyjne, aby służyły przez lata?

How to care for polarized sunglasses so that they last for years?

Discover proven methods of maintaining and caring for Polaroid polarized glasses that will help extend their life and maintain optimal vision quality.

Polaroid polarized glasses, thanks to their unique technology, not only offer exceptional protection against glare and UV radiation, but also guarantee high quality of vision. However, in order to enjoy their full functionality for many years, it is necessary to follow appropriate care and maintenance practices. Below you will find some key tips on how to care for your glasses so that they stay in perfect condition for as long as possible.

Clean your Polaroid polarized glasses regularly

How and with what to clean glasses?

Regularly cleaning your glasses lenses and frames is crucial. Use a soft, clean microfiber cloth and a specialized lens cleaning fluid. Avoid using paper towels, alcohol-based wipes or other aggressive agents that may damage the polarizing coating or frames.

Polaroid polarized glasses - protection against scratches

Glasses storage

To avoid scratches, always store your glasses in a hard case when not in use. Even minor scratches can affect the quality of vision. Additionally, avoid placing your glasses with the lenses facing down on any surfaces.

Avoid extreme temperatures

The influence of temperature on Polaroid polarized glasses

High temperatures can negatively affect the lenses and frames of glasses. Avoid leaving your glasses in the car on a sunny day or in other places where they may be exposed to high temperatures.

Be careful when putting it on and taking it off

How to use glasses properly?

Put on and take off your sunglasses by holding them by the bridge or by both temples in parallel. Avoid stretching the glasses' arms, which may deform or weaken them.

Regular inspections and repairs

Polaroid sunglasses condition check

Regularly check the condition of your sunglasses, including the tightness of the screws and the integrity of the frame. If you find any loose parts or damage, seek professional repair services. Do not attempt to repair the sunglasses yourself, which may result in further damage.

Be careful with cosmetics

Interaction with chemical substances

Products such as hairsprays, perfumes and sunscreens may contain chemicals that negatively affect the lenses and frames of glasses. Try to apply these products before putting on your glasses to avoid direct contact.


By taking care of your Polaroid polarized sunglasses according to the above tips, you can significantly extend their life and enjoy constant vision quality. Regular care, careful use and proper storage are the keys to keeping your glasses in perfect condition for many years.