Polaroid sunglasses - what color lenses should you choose?

Polarized sunglasses come with a variety of lens colors. Each of these lens colors has certain characteristics that influence the specific properties of the lenses. Find out which lens color will be best for you.
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Polarized sunglasses come with a variety of lens colors. Each of these lens colors has certain characteristics that influence the specific properties of the lenses. Some lenses are better for driving, for example, and others are better for playing golf or tennis. Below we describe the basic colors of polarized lenses and their typical properties. Basically, each of these colors will work perfectly in everyday use.

Sunglasses with copper lenses

Sunglasses with copper lenses are especially recommended for driving. Polaroid brands its copper polarized lenses as: Premium Driving Lens . and recommends them for driving cars. These lenses are also perfect for everyday use. Glasses with copper lenses have properties that gently brighten the visible image. Copper lenses are best at absorbing blue light. Blue light is the part of the spectrum where the eye has the most difficulty focusing and experiences the most visual discomfort.

Copper lenses enhance the visibility of red the best of all colors - thanks to this property, you can recognize red traffic lights or brake lights of a car in front of you better and faster. They perfectly enhance contrast and highlight contours and shapes. These lenses allow us to determine distances better. Copper sunglasses are also recommended for people engaged in any type of activity where visual acuity is very important. They are perfect, for example, for fishing. Polaroid sunglasses with copper-colored lenses are a very popular choice among drivers and cyclists.

Copper sunglasses can be successfully used on cloudy days due to their high sharpening and brightening properties. They will perform perfectly in winter.

Sunglasses with brown lenses

Sunglasses with brown polarized lenses have similar properties to glasses with copper lenses. However, the image seen is more neutral - these lenses do not brighten the image as much as a copper lens, but they also highlight contours and shapes very well. Glasses with brown lenses are perfect for driving and wearing all day long. Thanks to them, we see excellent sharp contrasts.

Brown lenses absorb blue light better than all colors except copper. Effectively reduce the harmful effects of light on our eyes. Just like copper lenses, they enhance the visibility of red light, such as traffic lights or brake lights. Polaroid glasses with brown polarized lenses are recommended for drivers, fishermen and golfers - they provide a very good, sharp, contrasting image. They are also perfect as glasses for anglers. Also recommended for people practicing any outdoor activity, e.g. running, cycling.

Sunglasses with gray lenses

Sunglasses with gray lenses are the most neutral choice - they evenly filter blue, green, red and yellow light - giving an image without color distortion. Gray polarized lenses ensure comfortable use all day long in various light conditions. Thanks to them, you can enjoy polarization without color distortions. Universal sunglasses with a gray lens provide a comfortable, very calming image without color distortion in ordinary daylight and sunlight. These glasses are recommended for year-round wear in all light conditions.

Sunglasses with green lenses

A pristine image on sunny days. When comfort counts - sunglasses with green lenses are an excellent choice. They work perfectly in winter and summer. They ensure clarity and clarity of vision without compromise. Sunglasses with green lenses calm the eyes very well, they give true colors both during the day and in bright sunlight. Recommended to be worn all year round, especially in sunny conditions.

Polarized glasses with yellow lenses

Sunglasses with yellow lenses are perfect for cloudier days. The yellow lens has very good brightening and sharpening properties. It is very often used in sports glasses with replaceable lenses. Glasses with yellow lenses are very often used by anglers. They are perfect for driving on cloudy, foggy days. Sunglasses with yellow lenses are also perfect as glasses for cyclists, protecting your eyes while riding on cloudy days or after sunset.