What are Polaroid glasses?

Polaroid glasses are already legendary sunglasses. Their brand has become synonymous with polarized glasses for decades, because the history of polarized glasses began with the Polaroid brand, or rather its founder, Edwin Land. Polaroid glasses are equipped with special polarizing filters that use light filtering technology to protect your eyes from harmful sunlight. They were developed in 1928 by violinist and inventor Edwin Land and quickly became a popular choice for anyone looking for comfort and protection from the sun.

Polaroid glasses are equipped with a special filter that effectively blocks harmful ultraviolet radiation, preventing retinal damage and cataracts. These filters absorb and reflect some of the light, allowing you to see clearer and more vivid colors. In addition, these glasses are equipped with a special pattern that eliminates reflections and glare, allowing for better vision.

Polaroid glasses are available in various shapes, sizes and colors, so everyone can find the perfect model for themselves. They are often chosen by athletes, tourists and everyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. The use of Polaroid glasses provides not only comfort, but also protection against harmful ultraviolet radiation.