What is polarization in sunglasses?

Polarization in sunglasses is a technology that involves a special filter that absorbs or reflects light entering the polarization plane. Thanks to this, polarized glasses are able to provide better protection against harmful sun rays and improve visibility by reducing reflections and glare. This is especially useful when driving or practicing outdoor sports

Polarization involves the use of special filters that are built into the lenses of the glasses. These filters are able to capture and filter out specific wavelengths of sunlight. These rays are directed in different directions and caught by a special filter that blocks these rays.

Polarization is especially useful in situations where the sun's rays are reflected off flat surfaces such as water, snow or glass. In such situations, polarization helps reduce glare and reflection, which significantly reduces the amount of light that reaches the eyes.

Polarization is also useful for people participating in water sports such as sailing and windsurfing as it helps reduce water glare and increase visibility underwater.

Polarization is also often used in sunglasses to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. These polarizing filters block most harmful UV rays, making your eyes less susceptible to damage.

Polarization is very useful and often used in sunglasses. Thanks to it, glare and light reflections can be reduced, which allows for better visibility and provides additional protection against harmful UV rays.