2015.08.11 09:47:00 / Aga-Dominik
Joy :)
Hello! The sunglasses I bought are perfect. The store and sellers are very nice and polite. Immediate delivery. I highly recommend shopping in this store, I will definitely use it again because I really liked the professional and professional service. Regards, Agnieszka
2015.07.25 11:45:18 / Tomasz
Generally, I recommend it

Hello, Generally, great glasses at an affordable price - after all, I don't squint ;) However, as a customer, I have some comments: 1. It would be useful to be able to pay online. A simple transfer is not enough these days. It should be possible to pay by card etc. 2. Adding personalization options. I will give an example of the glasses I bought. F4400B standard with gray ultrasight XI lens. Firstly, it should be possible to choose the color of the lens from a drop-down list, but of course in this case the ultrasight XI lens in e.g. brown was a bit more expensive than the standard gray one. In addition, there should also be an option to select the lens type so that instead of ultrasight XI, in this case, you can choose No. IX or XIV. For example, I would like to take this frame with a brown XIV lens because the only thing missing in these glasses is anti-reflection, and I don't like the gold frame that comes standard with brown lenses. So there is potential for development. Regards and I'm waiting for the above options before buying another pair ;)

2015/07/09 17:19:34 / Marcelina
First class
These are my first Polaroid glasses. Today I tried it and I'm satisfied. Very light and I don't squint FINALLY. A nice gentleman helped me by phone. The parcel arrived expressly. I RECOMMEND!
2015.05.21 14:27:02 / Ewelina
I recommend it 100%
Very fast delivery and exchange. Professional operation. I recommend this store to everyone :)
2015.05.13 21:06:53 / Jacek
It's a no-brainer
If you have had Polaroid glasses before, you know that they are great. Quality as usual and in this particular model - they are very light! :) Now shop :) Thank you VERY much for fast and efficient service! :) This should be enough for the best recommendation ;)
2014.08.19 12:12:25 / Michal
Highly recommended
Product 100%, communication 100%, shipping 100%, best price, payment by paypal! Everythink fast, great quick communication (FB & mail). Highly recommended. When I'll ever want some polaroid sunglasses, I'll be your customer again. Thank you.
2014.07.31 14:50:08 / Magda
full professionalism
Fast, efficient, glasses 100% consistent with the description. Fast and nice contact, I recommend the store.
2013.08.29 08:04:30 / Mateusz
quickly, hassle-free, and of course a high-class product
2013.07.31 06:39:43 / Żana
complete satisfaction
Fast shipping, professional service and a large (and thus difficult) selection of glasses will definitely make me come back for another pair in some time :) .. Thanks.
2013.05.29 12:23:27 / Ewelina
I recommend
I definitely recommend it! Both the store as a shopping place, Mr. Marcin as a contact person, and the glasses as a product of great quality. My eyes finally rest on sunny days, and the visual comfort is incomparable to the non-branded glasses I previously owned.
2013.05.10 15:00:17 / zakli
Contact with Mr. Marcin was first class. First, a phone call regarding the availability of the goods, Mr. Marcin checked everything quickly. Then the order and glasses arrived the next day after ordering. I RECOMMEND;)
2013.03.26 20:12:16 / Sławomir
A specific offer for specific people, a first-class store, others can learn
2013/02/19 16:09:36 / piotr
I recommend !!!!!!!
I recommend this store to everyone!!!!!!!!! Fast, hassle-free online transaction and shipping, plus nice contact with Mr. Marcin, I recommend.
2013.02.12 13:30:05 / Magda
Great store
I ordered glasses for the first time, great price offer. I received the parcel quickly with full information about the fate of the parcel. The glasses fit like a glove, so I am very pleased with the purchase. I recommend the store, full of professionalism.
2012.12.06 20:55:26 / sheikh

I received the glasses the next day after ordering. Elegantly packaged, the case + cloth are great, and the glasses themselves are a masterpiece. Nothing more nothing less. I don't know about others, but I highly recommend this one.

2012.10.12 12:43:07 / Dejko

When I asked about the availability of the goods, I received an answer on Saturday that the last pair would be available for me. Transfer, free shipping (I was refunded the overpayment because I didn't know about free shipping). The set includes everything on the website + two lanyards. Delivery time as needed. According to the email sent on Monday afternoon, the parcel arrived on Wednesday. I recommend. Very good contact with Mr. Marcin, attractive prices compared to a stationary store.

2012.09.18 14:24:42 / Artur
Fast shipping !
The order was placed on Sunday, and today at 9 am I had the glasses on my nose :) These are my second glasses from Polaroid and I am satisfied with the quality/price. Regards!
2012.08.31 15:24:52 / Marta O.
Maximum satisfaction :)
As in the title, maximum satisfaction, especially with the glasses, which fulfill their function perfectly, allow the eyes to rest, and provide great comfort while staying in the bright sun. The transaction itself is definitely a plus, because fast shipping and very nice contact:) I definitely recommend buying the glasses right here :)
2012.07.31 14:31:32 / Zbyszek
Super positive
Awesome, delivery within 24 hours, glasses as described at a very good price. Thanks a lot, I highly recommend it.
2012.07.16 21:08:16 / Piotr J.
Glasses exactly as described, delivered within 24 hours! Everything was perfect! I would highly recommend!
2012.07.11 22:28:17 / Rafał
I recommend
A late but positive assessment of the entire transaction. The glasses were delivered quickly, consistent with the item description on the website. I recommend.
2012.06.14 08:27:03 / Paweł
nothing more, nothing less, full recognition in Kujawy and Pomerania. Great contact, fast shipping, product 100% original and consistent with the description. I RECOMMEND ! ! !
2012.06.11 12:53:01 / Goode
I recommend
Everything quickly and efficiently. In short, I ordered 3 pairs of glasses to choose one. I sent two back and received an immediate cash refund. Shipments are made immediately. Reply to emails within an hour. If I buy Polaroids, I will definitely buy them in this store.
2012.05.29 12:01:45 / RD
I recommend
Very good price for glasses and an original product! I haven't found a better price anywhere, everything was very well packed and fast shipping..
2012.05.28 09:55:44 / Michał
A store worth recommending
Thank you for fast shipping. Glasses ok, very well packed, great communication. I will come back for the product for myself.
2012.05.08 21:54:29 / Barbara
Superlative :)
Thank you for the quick delivery of the order, the glasses are great and at a great price. Very successful shopping and certainly not the last.
2012.04.24 11:25:19 / qbss
I recommend!
Fast shipping, great contact and very good glasses!!!
2012.04.11 14:23:28 / Bałuciarz
Opinion about the store and Polaroid P8901J glasses - GREAT!!!
Well, the overlays are first class - superbly made and wear very well. Exemplary service - Mr. Sławek, thank you very much for the tip - copper ones actually seem better. Additionally 30% promotion.
2012.03.30 23:06:26 / AL
Very nice, warm and cordial service, large selection of Polaroid glasses, excellent value for money - I came several dozen kilometers to Kęty to measure and choose the glasses personally and I do not regret it. SunCovers glasses - a great solution for every active glasses wearer. I recommend
2012.03.30 22:13:58 / Dawid
I would highly recommend!
I highly recommend this store! Service at the highest level, a lot of patience for customers :), great prices compared to other stores, especially optical salons. And when it comes to glasses - Polaroid is a class of its own. Very successful shopping and definitely not the last one :)
2012.01.30 21:02:48 / Gerus
complete satisfaction

This is my 7th pair of glasses, my wife's fourth. I received the first ones about 28 years ago, maybe they weren't beautiful, but the green glasses were intended for anglers, the price was less :) but what was my first surprise (a positive one) when I looked into the water under the sun and saw what was happening under the water surface? finds. Since then, only POLAROID on the nose. When driving a car, it's a big problem, only in older cars, unfortunately the sticking of the windows is very noticeable, but you can get used to it. The only glasses that do not cause headaches when worn almost all day, the curvature of the glasses is perfect, there is no distortion. To this day, unfortunately, the price is not nice, but when you buy something expensive and not two-dollar glasses at the market, you also take care of the more expensive ones and even keep an eye on them and don't sit on them ;). Definitely worth the price and not as "difficult" as [censored] hehe. Greetings to all Polaroid viewers

2011.11.26 18:12:34 / Bartłomiej
Another successful purchase
Glasses for my wife are my second purchase in the store. I decided on it just a month after a successful previous purchase for myself. I stand by my previous opinion about the store and its owners. Extremely polite contact with the buyer, understanding and, above all, honesty. I recommend the store and the glasses.
2011.10.25 22:01:04 / Bartłomiej
A unique store and unique glasses
I definitely confirm that all the opinions you can read below fully reflect the unique shopping atmosphere and the quality of the glasses offered. I am impressed by the level of service - contact with the customer, fast shipping, which has been consistently maintained for years. I recommend shopping at OkularyPolaroid.pl. The glasses themselves are also unique - I think there is no reason to overpay for RB or other branded "glasses". Polaroid impresses with its quality, precision and comfort of use. These glasses are a brand in themselves.
2011.10.03 16:32:27 / Tokar
Opinion about the store and P8028 glasses - I RECOMMEND!!!
Last week I bought these glasses. For me they are great in every respect. First of all, the eyes really relax in them, and the car drives great. And finally I found a classic shape. And the contact with the store was great, from the phone call to receiving the glasses within 24 hours!
2011.10.03 08:57:30 / Robert
I am very impressed with the speed and quality of service in this store!! Not even 24 hours passed from placing the order to delivery! I have been using this model of glasses for years and I would not change to another one.
2011.09.29 14:03:33 / Beata
great positive :-)
Great contact, amazing glasses, nice service. I recommend :-)
2011.09.13 12:45:56 / Artur
I am very satisfied with the service and the order fulfillment process. I recommend this store with full awareness and clear conscience.
2011.08.05 21:47:26 / Kasia
Everything perfect
The glasses arrived today, they are beautiful. This is the second pair of Polaroids and definitely not the last. Fast and professional service. I am very pleased. I recommend
2011.06.30 08:45:39 / Agnieszka
Great glasses
Some time ago, we received sunglasses, women's model P8105B and men's model P7104A. We are both happy, my glasses are not only beautiful, they work great and my husband is delighted when he drives in a car with them on. I recommend the glasses and the store. Super nice and professional service. Best regards, and for the next shopping, maybe something for the child :-)
2011.05.26 17:59:01 / Tomsi
A big positive
I have just received P4117C glasses. To be honest, I was considering buying more expensive glasses, but Polaroid glasses were recommended to me by someone in my family and I must admit that she really knew her stuff. Now I see that if I bought other glasses, I would overpay a lot of money for frames and get much worse lenses. The glasses look nice in the photos, but much better in real life. They provide a very clear image without distortion. They don't hurt my eyes, which has always been a big problem for me. They are in an elegant case with a special cloth, and also include 2 lanyards and 4 calendars. I recommend these glasses to everyone! I recommend this store to everyone!
2011.05.23 12:47:08 / DEPECH
Hello, just arrived. Fantastic glass. Top-shelf optics. Put away the Ray Bans and similar overpriced "viewers". Highly promotional price, very elegant and extravagant model, it will never get old. 100% professional service. Great contact. with the store. I recommend this store to everyone. Only positives, nothing more, nothing less. Best regards for your next purchases.
2011.05.20 18:34:15 / Piotr
Great professionalism!!!
Very nice and quick contact. Top quality glasses, your eyes can finally rest. A decent case is included. And valuable... definitely lower than in the store. I recommend to everyone.
2011.05.16 14:21:31 / Bee
Rather satisfied
Hello! I just received the glasses. The package included glasses with a case from the brand Scereczka and leaflets. The glasses are made of very good materials, and the most important thing is to protect the eyes against UV. The only thing that disappointed me a bit is the length of the temples - they are too long and a bit My glasses are falling off! The store and the service are 100% satisfied and professional!! Very fast shipping!!! I recommend!!
2011.05.10 19:44:02 / Katarzyna
XOOR series
The XOOR series glasses are addictive! The workmanship and great optics will make you stop looking at other products. I know what I'm writing, because this is my second pair in the last 3 months (previously gray XOOR 8005). And what's more, the store staff are nice, professional and extremely patient! I recommend. And about the X8906B model itself (brown): large lenses, fit comfortably, provide warm light and high contrast even on sunny days. Bought for the car. Revelation!
2011/05/08 12:00:01 / MM
100% satisfaction
He evaluates the product, service, full professionalism and 100% satisfaction very positively
2011.05.06 21:42:11 / Nasty
Delighted customer ;)
Everything was great and on time, great contact with the store, and a discount from Facebook;) Because, as my mother says, SUCH GLASSES are worth investing in:) I highly recommend them!!!
2011.05.04 19:51:47 / Marek
Satisfied customer.
Very good contact. I recommend the store.
2011.04.28 10:29:43 / gr00by
Very Satisfied Customer
Everything as it should be: the first telephone contact was very positive - I was given complete information, including that there would be no problem if the glasses did not fit - I would exchange them for another pair or refund my money (I bought them without trying them on). I bought it on Friday, the package was with me on Tuesday (Monday was a holiday). Glasses wear great! They are comfortable and solid. In the package I also found a lanyard, a cleaning cloth, a case, company calendars, short information about the product and an invoice. I recommend the product itself and the store - professional, fast and precise service!
2011/03/03 22:31:17 / apek
Satisfied customer
Everything took place in the best possible order. Shipping by Polish Post - 3 business days (there was a weekend on the way). Inside I "found" glasses in a case with a cloth, two advertising lanyards for the store and many advertising calendars for the store. Additionally, of course, information about the purchased glasses and the invoice. I bought the product without measuring it, but I managed to "hit it" and everything is fine.
2011/01/18 21:15:22 / Bartek
The brand commits
My dad introduced me to Polaroid sunglasses. I convinced myself and my wife. They are not cheap, but don't your eyes deserve to be taken care of? The Xoor series is a masterpiece. The service, the store too. I just ordered another pair. This is the fourth time in this store. I think I'm hooked...
2011/01/17 15:35:58 / Marcin
Great store
Fast and hassle-free shipping, professionally and safely packed, and the glasses are light, flexible and ensure very good visibility despite the darkening. I RECOMMEND! - full professionalism
2010.10.14 17:54:32 / Artur
100% Perfection!!!
I haven't bought something so nice and fast for a long time. Excellent contact, really fast shipping and attractive goods :)
2010.10.13 21:20:11 / Grzegorz
Money well spent
I am very pleased, they are light and do not hurt, I will buy another pair of glasses for the car. fast delivery, I recommend
2010.10.03 22:16:52 / Rafał
This is what I always wanted to have
I've had several brand name glasses, but Polaroid beats them. Nothing pinches, very light, simply great!!! Express delivery, GREAT store service!!!
2010/09/12 19:07:56 / damian
2010/09/10 18:00:00 / Krzysiek
Great glasses!!! very good visibility, they fit great, I don't regret any penny spent on these glasses. Very fast shipment and great contact, full professionalism, I RECOMMEND!!!
2010/09/10 17:38:21 / Michał
Very good sunglasses, great lenses! The polarizing filter really works, unlike cheap glasses with the same supposed option. Tested this year on the beach and while driving. My eyes always suffered from the sun and were very red. It was different now. I also recommend the store, fast, efficient and good communication. Regards,
2010/09/10 14:05:09 / sarpek
I recommend!
I drowned the same ones in kayaks before. I found them here at the best price. Perfect glasses for driving, but also for everyday use. Fast and professional service.
2010/09/10 13:34:45 / Aga
fast shipping, professional store, glasses meet my expectations 200%, I recommend
2010/09/10 13:16:38 / Bartek
Very good and nice contact, hassle-free shopping. The glasses are very good for the current market and, interestingly, relatively inexpensive. Buy!
2010/09/10 12:55:05 / Aga
A good choice
I rate the purchased glasses 5 :) Very comfortable. Fast shipping. I recommend!
2010.09.10 12:46:57 / Piotr
The glasses are great, I recommend them
fast shipping, goods very well packed, just number 1. I am very satisfied.
2010/09/10 12:41:06 / Krzysztof
great product
My wife and I are sailors, these sunglasses are fantastic, amazingly sharp vision, very effective anti-glare effect, the world looks more beautiful thanks to them, the eyes do not get tired both on the water and behind the wheel, even in the brightest sun. Moreover, they are made of the highest quality material. Store service very good.
2010.09.10 12:02:32 / Paweł
Everything is nice and beautiful
And cheap.
2010.08.06 17:00:40 / Agnieszka
nicer than in the photos
100% professionalism, fast shipping, very well packed, goods consistent with the description and even nicer than in the photos, I highly recommend :)
2010.07.29 09:26:39 / Maciej
The glasses are perfect
Perfect for driving, no reflections at all. They can be used equally well during normal daily use. I would highly recommend.
2010.06.30 22:25:14 / metdro
Successful purchase
I am satisfied with the quality of the glasses and it is money well spent. I rate the store very highly and recommend it to others.
2010.06.30 19:53:11 / Kaśka
First class glasses, very fast delivery, perfectly organized store. I highly recommend:)
2010.06.30 10:56:09 / Mariola
Great store
Very nice and good quality glasses, excellent glass quality.
2010.06.29 17:20:04 / Marcin
Polaroid advertises itself

Very nicely made and fitted, I feel less eye strain when wearing these glasses, probably because of the PTX4000 filter. However, I thought there would be more contrast, but maybe that's with copper or brown lenses. Overall, I am happy with having Polaroids, I received a company case and a cloth. I recommend

2010.06.29 16:20:53 / Michał H.
Professional and fast service, very fast delivery, I recommend this store.
2010.06.29 16:03:53 / Michał

Quick and hassle-free. I'm very happy. Savings of about PLN 70. I recommend! A large selection, but not all models are available (especially those available in competitors' stationary stores).

2010.06.25 09:06:07 / EWA
I recommend, fast delivery, very good product, affordable price. I will buy again. I recommend it to my friends
2010/06/17 10:59:12 / Magda
I would highly recommend
The store is perfectly organized. Immediate order execution. Great glasses, decent and very elegant. I recommend!
2010.06.06 14:00:39 / Krzysztof
Polaroid 02819C
A high-quality store. Fast shipping. Great glasses. It takes some time at the optician before I choose glasses. These fit great. As if I had always had them.
2010.06.04 23:04:11 / Ewelina
Everything's great
Very nice contact, the glasses are great, my son is very happy :) I recommend it!!!!!!
2010.06.03 15:54:32 / Szacho
The glasses are very nice to wear, the reflections are very small, great for driving and hiking.
2010.06.02 13:10:02 / Lesiu
hundred of satisfaction

another pair of Polaroid glasses, another 100% satisfaction

2010.06.02 08:43:21 / Jacek
A fantastic model

I have had this model for several months and I am very satisfied. I also tested it in winter while skiing - it worked great - without fogging the lenses.

2010.06.01 23:04:35 / ania
I recommend

sunglasses and contact with the staff excellent, in my case the order processing time was definitely too long, but it was really worth the wait.

2010.05.27 16:08:32 / Teresa
Very solid and comfortable glasses. Satisfaction with use results in another order
2010.05.21 18:43:36 / Monika
Polaroid is worth recommending
The glasses fit great, I chose this brand again and I am satisfied.
2010.05.18 21:06:00 / romano9
very elegant glasses, well made
I have no objections to the glasses themselves, but they don't fit well on me (the part for the nose is too narrow, that's the advantage of buying without trying them on)
2010.05.16 19:06:22 / Graża
As usual, I was not disappointed with Polaroid, this is my second pair of glasses
The glasses correspond to the description, exactly as in the photo, they fit perfectly, the price is acceptable compared to other brands.
2010.05.15 00:04:25 / Mario
They work very well, they don't strain the eyes despite the 3rd dimming angle
The workmanship is fresh, very refined, they fit perfectly, I recommend this, my 3rd pair of Polaroid cameras and again a good purchase and definitely not the last one.
2010.05.14 22:27:53 / zkm
complete satisfaction
Hassle-free purchase, complete satisfaction, the case fits perfectly into the recess in the car's cockpit. I hope they last a long time.
2010.05.14 22:01:01 / Jakub Muranty
cool glasses
Very comfortable, great protection from the sun. Delivery and contact at the highest level, I recommend!
2010.05.14 21:40:27 / Piotr
Comfortable, "Effective", Fast shipping ;]
I am very happy with the purchase of my glasses. The glasses are comfortable, fit to the face and do not fall off the nose. The lenses also work great - polarization makes you feel comfortable even in the brightest sun.
2010.05.09 18:24:33 / albert
Great glasses
Elegant, made of high-quality materials, with all the amenities that improve visual comfort (eliminating reflections works wonderfully). Really worth.
2010.04.28 10:24:07 / Monika
Amazing glasses!
The glasses fit perfectly to the temples and have a very nice frame color - gray to black. Excellent contact with the Seller and fast shipping (glasses ordered on Sunday were shipped on Monday!), very well packed, in the box, apart from a case and a cloth, there are other freebies! :-) I recommend the Seller for an exemplary transaction!
2010.03.31 20:36:21 / Bobo
Elegance France
I recommend glasses, I recommend the store. Very fast shipment, very well protected.
2010.03.30 09:25:04 / Agnieszka
Great! I am very pleased! I recommend it to everyone!
2010.01.29 14:32:02 / Barf
Opinions about the glasses model

Generally good, but they have one significant drawback - when the frames are folded, they scratch the glass from the inside, you have to place a cloth under them for cleaning, otherwise they would quickly lose their value, the manufacturer did not predict it well, this is the only drawback, but it is visible and important.

2010.01.28 11:15:27 / Przemek
Professional service
I can recommend this store with a clear conscience. There is no need to be afraid of online shopping when it comes to this store. The package is well packed and protected for travel. As for the glasses themselves, they are wonderfully made. It is better to invest more in glasses and take care of your eyes than buy glasses at some market for pennies :) best regards, Przemek
2010.01.28 01:59:27 / Andrzej
100% satisfaction
Excellent glasses with a classic look, my eyes finally stop hurting and watering on sunny days and white snow. I hope that they will protect my eyes in the same way in the summer as they do in the winter with the sun and snow. Fully satisfied. I recommend! these glasses.
2009.10.01 20:09:56 / Paweł
Great product
I am very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the glasses. It was the first time I bought glasses online, full of worries whether everything would fit me. they look like I've been wearing them all my life, I drive a lot and I will always wear Polaroids and always from this store. Super professional approach to sales. I have been actively involved in trade for over 12 years and I can recommend this online store with a clear conscience. Paweł Górecki
2009.09.18 08:15:54 / Zuzia
Great glasses and professional service
I bought glasses that had temples that were too long, I called the store, Mr. Marcin compared the model I bought with others and selected the temples of the right length. The exchange took place without any problems. I recommend this store to everyone.
2009.08.10 11:05:26 / paulina
I'm happy! The glasses don't fit me perfectly, but there's always a risk when purchasing this type of product online. You can make exchanges, but will I get a better one? ;) prices in this store are really good, not high. It is known that such glasses do not cost as much as those from H&M, but the quality is not the same, so let's not exaggerate that they are expensive! For Polaroids, the prices are very affordable
2009.07.28 20:13:17 / Barwak
My father has been an avid fisherman for years. He has always used and only uses Polaroids and the name only reminded me of fishing glasses. Clumsy, fly-like ones. I was shocked when I saw that the company offers glasses in great style while maintaining excellent quality for many years. I must admit, the price surprised me negatively, but is it really worth saving money on your eyes by buying "bazaar Pradas" with original plastic lenses? I finally ordered it with some trepidation as I rarely buy online. Fast shipping, arrived in perfect condition. The original box is enough to keep the glasses in your bag, but if you want to splurge, you can buy another case. Store service... world-class. I expected an ordinary transaction and what I received was quality customer service, as if I was someone special. And this means only one thing: apart from a great product, it is clear that for the company the customer is not just a provider of money, but above all someone very important. I will recommend the store to everyone, I don't need glasses, because how can you praise something as obvious as a Polaroid?
2009.07.23 13:02:15 / janek
Cool glasses, but the price is outrageous
2009.07.13 09:16:43 / Adam
Full professionalism! Nice contact, fast shipping, and the glasses are of the highest quality! Regards!
2009.06.17 19:15:46 / maria
very good glasses :) I recommend
2009.06.10 12:02:37 / Basia
The glasses are even nicer in real life, fast delivery, I recommend 100%
2009.06.01 12:15:30 / Asia
Warsaw student, vagabond
the glasses are simply fantastic, it's a completely different way of looking at the world on sunny days - that's about the glasses... and the appearance itself is really unusual, the butterflies add subtlety and femininity, the Polaroid badge is carefully hidden, which is a big plus for me, and the inscription is only in the inner side of the temple... a small note for buyers, if you look bad when the glasses do not cover your entire eyebrows, this model is not for you because they are not super large "fly" glasses.. one more small note - the cover is of average quality in my opinion .. But my advice: it is worth investing in glasses, although it is not a cheap investment, but we have one eye for life!!
2009.05.25 12:33:30 / Piotr W-wa
they are perfect in every respect
I just received the glasses I ordered. I am pleasantly surprised because they are perfect in every respect and completely met my expectations. Aesthetic and very flexible frames fit well on the head. The lenses cover almost the entire viewing area. The color of the lenses adds an interesting dimension to the surroundings. I am also satisfied with the service and information received. I received the ordered product very quickly.
2009.05.19 20:29:55 / Grzegorz
Are you not surprised that there are only positive opinions here???
2009.05.12 14:24:42 / Joanna
I recommend the glasses and the store!
2009.05.08 15:29:08 / zuza
I recommend!!!
glasses like POLAROID - quality, workmanship, comfort of use: great, service, contact and shipment from the store also great
2009.05.05 10:31:32 / Dorota
I'm impressed. Professionalism, express delivery. Awesome glasses :)
2009.05.05 08:44:20 / Jola
Professionalism and a large selection
The glasses are great, just like in the photos, very light. Professional service in the store, quick delivery.
2009.05.01 10:02:06 / Daniel
A professional shop so much so that I hand out business cards to friends. The quality of the glasses is known to be very good. Solid packaging, express shipping! 100% ORIGINAL GLASSES!
2009.04.28 12:22:02 / Jasiek
Very good glasses, light and comfortable
The glasses are great, but the real praise goes to your service - professional and quick (the shipment arrived the next day)
2009.04.16 19:20:18 / Sebastian
Fast and professional!!!
The glasses are really great. I am also impressed by the delivery time - 2 days... I recommend!!!
2009.04.16 15:19:56 / Adriana
The glasses are great and the service is very professional - I encourage others to shop in this store!!!
2009.04.09 09:18:13 / Alek
Great product, great Seller
It is difficult to review a product such as Polaroid glasses - once you buy a product with Polaroid lenses, you will never go back to others. I chose this model because of its versatility - they match a suit as well as because of the width of the glass and its profile for a bicycle. As for the Seller, there are only superlatives - the money was transferred on Friday - the glasses were already with me on Saturday, professionally packed, of course. I recommend.
2009.03.04 13:46:59 / Kamila
Cool! Cool! Cool!
Nice contact, quick delivery. And the glasses are beautiful!!! I am very pleased with the purchase! I RECOMMEND
2009.02.27 18:24:40 / Jolanta
Nice glasses.
Very good value for money. Great case. Professional service. Solid seller! I recommend.
2009.02.02 20:50:54 / Monika
I am very pleased. The glasses are really high quality. Very nice service.
2009.02.02 20:46:12 / Aneta
The glasses are great, but no wonder it's a Polaroid camera.
2008.09.16 13:30:32 / Mariusz
I'm very happy
I am very pleased with the purchase. Great quality of workmanship and material. Optically, it's also first class. Additionally, they fit nicely and hold well - I use them successfully in the car and on the bike.
2008.09.06 08:19:21 / Piotr
the glasses actually look like in the illustrations. You can therefore look at them before purchasing. As for the quality of POLAROID, I have never been disappointed and this time it is similar. The glasses are very well made of good materials. I plan to buy glasses from this brand in the future.
2008.09.05 20:51:20 / Ela Kawcia
Great glasses!! First class!! The seller is completely professional! Regards
2008.09.03 11:26:27 / Ewa
I am very pleased with the Polaroid sunglasses I purchased. My eyes rest in them and do not get tired while driving. Nothing blinds me and the colors are so vivid. Polaroid glasses are very solid and have a great style. I recommend them.